Turk the Proofreading GalleyCat

By Jason Boog Comment


All faithful readers know that this particular GalleyCat editor could use some proofreading help sometimes. We may have found the perfect copy-editor.

Sterling Publishing managing editor Rebecca Maines submitted that picture of her literary pet: Turk the Proofreading Cat. Follow this link to see more pictures of cute publishing pets.

She explained: “What I wasn’t able to capture was the moment after this photo when Turk picked up the pencil between two paws and held it upright as if to mark an error we mere humans had overlooked. When she’s not stealing my pencils, she tries to drink my coffee. Her feline siblings also enjoy helping with editorial work (Simba, for example, oversees my husband’s dissertation research on medieval texts), but Turk is the only one who has visited my office at Sterling to lend her expertise. She is looking forward, however, to spending the holidays on her other favorite activity: undecorating the Christmas tree.”

Welcome to GalleyCat’s annual literary pet parade, a publishing holiday tradition established by former senior editor Ron Hogan during his four-year tenure at this blog. For a few crazy days, GalleyCat readers and their pets rule the blog. Follow this link to read more about the annual photo spread and find out where our former senior editor is headed next.