True Blood Novelist Helps Create Vampire Video Game

By Maryann Yin Comment

Vampire novelist Charlaine Harris (her novels inspired HBO’s True Blood series) has partnered up with I-play Entertainment to create “Dying for Daylight,” a PC video game. This project stars Dahlia, a character described as “a vampire with a devastating sense of fashion and a razor-sharp wit.”

Players journey through New Orleans, Memphis, and Charleston Harbor searching for a magical tonic that allows vampires to endure open sunlight. Dahlia gathers clues, solves puzzles, and meets interesting characters along the way.

The press release offers this quote from Harris: “As an author, I have spent my life focusing on the power of words. I can honestly say that this collaboration with I-play has been eye-opening, showing the unique way stories can be told and characters brought to life in games.”

So far, the character of Dahlia has only appeared in Harris’ short stories. Shelf-Life conducted an interview with Harris and uncovered more details about “Dying for Daylight.” Besides being busy with this video game, Harris is set to release her latest novel Dead Reckoning, in May 2011.

I-Play has worked with several literary icons in the past to create video games. Some of those authors include James Patterson, Agatha Christie, and Nora Roberts.