Topsy Tools for Writers & Publishing Professionals

By Jason Boog Comment

At our Social Curation Summit in Los Angeles today, First Page Sage founder Evan Bailyn explained how search results and your social media outreach can work together.

Bailyn urged all media professionals to experiment with Topsy, a social web analytics tool that can help you track how people are sharing your stories online.

Below, we’ve collected five ways writers and publishing professionals can use this tool, going beyond a simple Google search and exploring the social web.

How Writers & Publishing Professionals Can Use Topsy

1. Look up your name, book title or publishing house in Topsy’s search engine. You can limit your search by Links, Tweets, Photos, Videos or Experts–all useful tools for discovering who shares your stories and where they share them.

2. Use Topsy’s expert search engine to find out what people are leading the online conversation about your book’s topic. You can also explore the book experts list, the publishing experts list, or literary agents list on Topsy.  You should be reading these experts every day.

3. Test the company’s free analytics tool, comparing how three different keywords compare in search results. For example, you can see

4. Explore Topsy’s trending tool when writing your blog and social network posts. You can instantly take the pulse of social networks and the Internet, chasing the stories that the most people care about at that moment.

5. Turn on advanced search to limit your search to a particular website, Twitter user, language, date range and other ways to make a more surgical search.