Togather Releases Tool to ‘Fansource’ Author Events

By Jason Boog Comment

All the authors in audience know how disappointing it can be to give a reading in a nearly empty room.

The new Togather tool will help writers figure out how many people want to come to a reading and help fans set up author readings in their neighborhood. We’ve embedded the introductory video above–what do you think?

Here’s more about the tool: ” Using an on-demand fansourcing platform, Togather transforms the way authors organize book tours and bring audiences to events. With Togather, every talk, book signing or lecture is sold out before you even leave your home. We use a group-buying mechanism to make sure that your fans commit to attending. It only takes a few clicks to show some author love. And with this commitment from fans, a whole new world of possible events opens to you and your audience.”

If you are an author looking to join, follow this link. If you are a reader hoping to bring new writers to your area, click here.

The service was built by two writers who worked on unique campaigns to reach authors with their own work–Andrew Kessler (an author who built a temporary bookstore to promote his book) and  Aaron Shapiro (an author who hired ex-Borders employees to publicize his book).

AgencySpy has more about the design: “Now, Togather, a new “fansourcing” platform, aims to put everyone on the same page. Incubated by Brooklyn’s own HUGE, Togather is an elegantly designed, intuitive site. Through it, authors post their availability for readings. Then fans can invite that author to their hometown. If enough other readers reserve books, tickets, or RSVPs for the event, the author will come and speak. The author is guaranteed a room filled with excited readers, and fans are granted access to their favorite writers.”