Thousands of Protesters Fight to Keep The Hobbit in New Zealand

By Maryann Yin Comment

New Zealand activists are fighting to keep filming for the upcoming The Hobbit adaptation in that country, the same place where Peter Jackson filmed the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. According to these passionate protesters, “New Zealand is Middle Earth.”

The Guardian reports that Warner Bros. executives will decide this week if the shoot will be in New Zealand.  Prime Minister John Keys will personally oversee the negotiations, hoping that producers will make a decision in his country’s favor.

The article adds: “A dispute over pay and conditions led producers to hint that they might move filming to another country. Carrying banners proclaiming ‘New Zealand is Middle Earth’ and ‘We Love Hobbits,’ a reported 2-3,000 people gathered in New Zealand’s capital, Wellington, and other cities such as Auckland and Christchurch in advance of a visit by executives from the studio Warner Bros.”

Right now, Peter Jackson is reported to be busy with the casting process for the movie. For something new from the Tolkien family, grandson Michael Tolkien authored the children’s book, Wish. The audiobook was narrated by Charles Dickens’ great-grandson Gerald Dickens.