This Is Not Your Father’s Super Friends


By Neal Comment

justiceleague-alexross2.jpgA quick update on last week’s post about the greenlight for the live-action Justice League movie: the UGO movie blogger Patrick Sauriol claims to have been told about the script, revealing a lineup for the superhero team that closely mirrors the first season of the recent animated series developed for Cartoon Network. Fellow movie blogger Robert Sanchez of confirms Sauriol’s revelations, which means that the plot will have strong similarities to a story arc from the JLA comic in which a database containing information on the world’s mightiest heroes—including their secret identities and weaknesses—will fall into the wrong hands.

“Of course, since this movie is scheduled for a 2010 release, this could all be crap,” observes Sami Ali of Newsarama. “There is plenty of time for a rewrite and I’m sure a lot will be changed around.” And, to add to my totally irrelevant obsession with what the movie poster will look like, Ali has another Alex Ross painting of the League, one that looks like an excellent template for an eventual one-sheet.