The Year in GalleyCat: September

By Neal Comment

james-frey-headshot.jpgJames Frey a novel to HarperCollins, giving everybody an opportunity to rehash just how scandalized they were when they found out A Million Little Pieces had made-up bits. That was a couple days after Maureen McCormick sold a memoir to Harper, which I still think they should call Marcia! Marcia! Marcia! but they insist on titling Here’s the Story, and about which some tepid sex gossip ensued.

⇒ As the publication date for If I Did It drew near, Denise Brown refused to go on Oprah with the Goldmans, so Oprah wrung her hands furiously, but stuck with the Goldmans…and then Brown did the show after all. And the book shipped that very day, and soon after that O.J. Simpson was outselling Bill Clinton.

⇒It wasn’t quite Vidal-Mailer, or even Vidal-Buckley, but Daniel Pinchbeck and Whitley Streiber had a tumultuous podcast, yelling at each other about whether the world’s going to end in five years or it’ll be heaven on earth. Also, Austin Grossman called out Larry Doyle.

⇒A Publishing Trends survey revealed that most publishing pros feel underpaid and would rather write books.