The Year in GalleyCat: January

By Neal Comment

Over the weekend, I had a hunch today might be a slow publishing news day, and all those bowl games aren’t going to watch themselves, so I dug into the archives and pulled out some of my favorite posts among the hundreds I wrote this year. Hope you enjoy this look back at 2007, and I’ll see you in 2008!

nymag-regan-cover.jpg⇒As 2007 began, we were all still reeling, and many of us were a bit giddy, after Judith Regan was fired from HarperCollins. The backstory continued to emerge, although some anti-Regan gossip was wildly implausible, even for a personality as outsized as hers. Also, we learned the cancelled If I Did It TV interview was more like an infomercial. Oh, and HarperCollins officially shut down her imprint.

Terry McMillan let loose her inner homophobe in an essay of rhetorical questions aimed at her gay ex-husband, like “Why do men like Vince try so hard to act like women, and why do men like you like them so much?”

Oprah Winfrey picked Sidney Poitier‘s memoir for her book club, and folks were all, “That’ll make people forget James Frey,” except of course the media was always there to remind us about him and the things he did, especially when he launched his second act later in the year.

⇒When Henry Alford tried his hand at musical theater parody for the NY Times Book Review, I was rather underwhelmed, and invited GalleyCat readers to do better. You totally delivered.