The Wind-Up Charlie Bird Parker Chronicles

By Jason Boog Comment

BBBB.jpgLast week the design studio Coudal Partners sponsored a booking bands contest urging readers to create mash-ups of band names and book titles.

While the winners were chosen randomly, the sprawling list of submissions contains some fabulous wordplay. Among GalleyCat’s favorites were: the James Frey-inspired “My Friend Leonard Cohen,” the heavy-metal inspired “The Great White Gatsby,” and the art-rock and film novelization mash-up, “Last Yo La Tengo In Paris.”

Here’s one of the winners: “Michelle [wins with] Fleetwood Macbeth. I was happy to see Michelle’s name come up, she was among the most fervent submitters. For her troubles, she gets the Arden Shakespeare edition of Macbeth, and while I personally prefer the Peter-Green-era “Green Manalishi” Fleetwood Mac, I’ll spare Michelle and send her the Enhanced CD of their classic Rumours.” (Via.)