The Ultimate Author Platform

By Jason Boog Comment

dogbook.jpgIn 2009, everybody talked about an author’s platform. Writer and journalist Melinda Blau sent in this picture of Bogey, her six pound writing partner, standing on Blau’s new book–the ultimate author platform.

Author Roberta Beach Jacobson launched the Simon Teakettle Virtual MEWSical Society, and sends this picture of its famous members: “My Jorgito and Yoda, music-loving kittens, round out the Kitten Chorus…I’m proud of their talent. (So what if they’re more famous than I am?)”

Welcome to GalleyCat’s annual literary pet parade, a publishing holiday tradition established by former senior editor Ron Hogan during his four-year tenure at this blog. For a few crazy days, GalleyCat readers and their pets rule the blog. Follow this link to read more about the annual photo spread and find out where our former senior editor is headed next.

Follow this link to see all the pet pictures. One last pet picture after the jump. If we inadvertently skipped your submission, email GalleyCat and we’ll run the photo.

Finally, Fiona Ingram sends a message from GalleyCat’s most-feathered reader: “We ducks are convinced there were ducks in the picture somewhere … I have sent in my picture using my owner’s email (she is a published author so hopefully this modus operandi is acceptable?). I would be ecstatic if you put me ‘in the picture at Galleycat – that way I can Tweet about it on my Twitter account. (Look for me as CanardFameux). Sorry I haven’t one with a book, although I love reading gardening books. You see me hard at work repelling snails in my owner’s garden.

Charlemagne (Gentleman Duck)”