The Scariest Books

By Jason Boog Comment

Lovecraft1934.jpgThe Second Annual Literary Halloween Party kicks off at McNally Jackson Books tomorrow. Find a friend and dress like a socialite–taking your book into court like two New York sisters.

There’s a little something for everybody, as the action-packed party invite shows: “Refreshments will be served, to the accompaniment of projections from horror comics anthology Nightmare Factory 2 (Fox Atomic) and signings by writers Joe Harris and Stuart Moore and artist Bill Sienkiewicz. Next is the Scary Story Slam, in which partygoers can compete to present the best horror story (literary or original) in under 3 minutes.”

In the interest of helping GalleyCat readers win the horror story contest, let’s make a quick list of the scariest books. We suggest: It, by Stephen King, House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, and At the Mountains of Madness by good old H.P. Lovecraft (pictured). And Ron chimes in with his semi-annual endorsement of Robert Anton Wilson‘s Masks of the Illuminati, while we’re at it.

Add your favorites in the comments. (Via JacketCopy)