The Return of the Hotties


By Neal Comment

solow-tophat.jpgJennifer Solow was so happy to see herself in last week’s roundup of hottie literati that she sent us another photo to press her case that much further. And it comes on the very day that Janet Maslin, in another of her semi-regular roundups of light fiction, praises Solow (at least we think it’s praise) for “bring[ing] something new” to chick lit with The Booster: “pathology.” But in a good way (really!).

Meanwhile, one of our gorgeous samples of manhood passed along some anonymous suggestions. First, he selected Arundhati Roy (“you foxy lefty thing, you”), then, on a whimsical note, knowing full well dead writers don’t shop, he described the Marxist poet Vladimir Mayakovsky as “rather the bomb.” Talk about a slap in the face of public taste!