The Novels of Amy Bishop, University of Alabama Shooting Suspect

By Jason Boog Comment

gawkerlogo23.pngJournalists around the country have focused on the life of neurobiologist Amy Bishop–the suspect arrested for the murder of three of her University of Alabama colleagues.

Now, investigations have turned to Bishop’s work as a novelist. Earlier this week the Boston Globe reported that Bishop had written three novels and is related to novelist John Irving.

Gawker did some more digging to find what may be one of her novels, a science fiction book entitled: If Bullets Were Gold. Here’s an excerpt from the post: “We did a search of the U.S. Copyright Office’s records show that in 1999, someone named Amy Bishop Anderson registered the copyright for a 260-page book called The Martian Experiment. At the time, Amy Bishop was a 34-year-old molecular biologist and biochemist at the Harvard School of Public Health living in Ipswich. She participated in a workshop called the Hamilton Writer’s Group.”

In addition, the Boston Globe uncovered an excerpt from a manuscript entitled Amazon Fever: “The book’s heroine, Olivia, is trying to make it as a scientist during a pandemic, struggling mightily against depression and fear of losing tenure. She muses about the poet Sylvia Plath and her suicide — and continually worries about her future.”