The Believer Book Award Shortlist Unveiled

By Jason Boog Comment

The Believer Book Award shortlist has been revealed. To help readers explore the list, we’ve created a literary mixtape linking to excerpts of all the finalists–look below for the free literary sampler.

Here’s more from the magazine: “Each year, the editors of the Believer generate a short list of the novels and story collections they thought were the strongest and most underappreciated of the year. The 2010 list appears below. In the January issue, we asked our readers to send in their nominations for the best work of fiction from 2010; their answers, along with the winner from the following short list, will appear in the May 2011 issue.”

If you want more books, we made similar mixtapes linking to free samples of 2011 Edgar Awards finalists, the 2011 ALA Youth Media Awards winners, the 2011 Book Critics Circle Awards finalists, the Best Translated Books Longlist and the Best Books of 2010.

S P R A W L by Danielle Dutton (Siglio Press)

Orion You Came and You Took All My Marbles by Kira Henehan (Milkweed Editions)

Next by James Hynes (Reagan Arthur Books)

The Orange Eats Creeps by Grace Krilanovich (Two Dollar Radio)

Skippy Dies by Paul Murray (Faber & Faber)

Full Disclosure: This GalleyCat editor has written for The Believer in the past.