The $75 eBook

By Jason Boog Comment

seobook.jpgDuring a Digital Book World panel discussion about eBook pricing, BookSquare‘s Kassia Krozser made an unexpected proposal: the $75 eBook.

Her case study focused search optimization (SEO) expert and author Aaron Wall. Earlier this year, Wall released a $75 eBook editon of “SEO Book.” Krozser explained: “He spent years writing book, updating, got a lot of offers from traditional publishers. It sold for $75 and every dollar went to his own pocket. There’s a lot of information on the Internet about SEO, but most of it is free. He used his experience and expertise, and made something people would pay for.”

Ultimately, Wall stopped producing his constantly-updated edition of “SEO Book,” as the project took up too much time and he turned the book into a digital training program. For $300 a month, 1,000 web users can sign up for his course. According to Krozser, Wall has a month-long waiting list.

Krozser concluded: “It works better for nonfiction. The $75 eBook must meet certain criteria: Information based problem solving books answer specific questions that readers have.”