Terence McKenna Book on Kickstarter

By Jason Boog Comment

Dennis McKenna, the youngest brother of psychedelic author Terence McKenna, has already raised more than $42,000 in pledges to write a memoir about a life “intertwined” with his famous sibling. At Kickstarter you can support his project, The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss!

Here’s more about the project: “McKenna is a legend in the psychedelic community:  He is remembered as a radical philosopher, futurist, raconteur, and cultural commentator.  He was and is one of the most articulate spokesmen for the post-psychedelic zeitgeist. He is one of the prime originators of the 2012 mythos with all its attendent apocalyptarian anxiety. I am the younger brother of Terence McKenna. I want to write a memoir telling the real story of our intertwined life together over the last 60 years, and of the ideas, adventures, and explorations (both inner and outer) that we shared.”

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