Teens Prefer Print Books: Nielsen

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

teen-booksTeens may be tech savvy, but they still prefer print books, according to new research from Nielsen.

In fact, according to the report, this demographic is less likely to buy an eBook than older readers. Twenty percent of teens reported that they would buy eBooks, less than the 25 percent of 30-44 year olds and 23 percent of 18-29 year olds that buy eBooks. Here is more from the Nielsen blog:

Several factors may play a role in teens’ tendency toward printed publications. Parents’ preference for print could have an effect or teens’ lack of credit cards for online purchases. But another explanation may be teens’ penchant for borrowing and sharing books rather than purchasing them, which is easier to do in print. Over half of teens are still looking for books on library or bookstore shelves. And in-store browsing is about level with browsing online for this group.