SXSW Panelists on Publishing’s Brave New Future

By Jason Boog Comment

sxsw.jpgFollowing last year’s controversial “New Think for Old Publishers” panel discussion at the South by Southwest festival, five publishing experts tried to host a more productive panel at this year’s event.

Today’s “A Brave New Future for Book Publishing” featured:’s Kassia Krozser,’s Kevin Smokler, HarperStudio’s Debbie Stier,’s Pablo Defendini, and Vook’s Matthew Cavnar. This GalleyCat editor is stuck behind a desk in NYC, but we collected the most procative Tweets from the interactive audience in Austin.

Soupiset took some illustrated notes. William Hertling took some traditional notes. Read the whole Twitter stream at #futurebook.

Publishing Perspectives wrote: “Smokler says future bookstore is a POD machine, coffee pot and armchairs. Sounds like a hip Kinkos, but a charmless bookstore.”

Agent Kate McKean wrote: “Publishers do not have the rights to create new content around a book willy nilly. Sounds cool, but not legal/practical.”

Debbie Weil tweeted one of the more dramatic points: “‘The future editor will be a producer and director’ from @booksquare.” Craig Mod replied: “I’m hoping the editor of the future first and foremost just keeps doing great f***ing editing.”

Rusty Shelton wrote: “Two names that keep popping up at #futurebook panel: @garyvee and Seth Godin. We’re certainly seeing the rise of a new kind of author.”

Will Entrekin wrote: “Lots of #futurebook talk, of eds as producers, of distribution, of channels. Where’s talk of better writing, better stories, fewer celebs?”

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