Surprise Books for Harris, Faulks

By Carmen Comment

Publishing News reports that Hutchinson, an imprint of Random House UK, is pleasantly surprised by the news that both Robert Harris and Sebastian Faulks will be delivering unexpected books. In Harris’s case, that’s because he was set to write the sequel to last year’s Roman historical IMPERIUM, but instead has submitted a contemporary espionage novel, GHOST, slated for publication in October.

Caroline Gascoigne, who took over as Publishing Director of Hutchinson last autumn, told PN:”This book’s been at the back of his mind for a while and he’s decided to write it now, which is welcome news. It’s about a ghostwriter for a politician who meets his subject out of season on Martha’s Vineyard where the drama begins to unfold. It’s a political thriller with all the Harris trademarks and represents an exciting addition to our publishing plans.”

As for Faulks, his new novel, ENGELBY, will be out this May and is already getting good reaction from the sales force and booksellers. “He’s not a book a year author so to have this so rapidly is an enormous bonus,” Gasocigne said, adding: “It’s fantastic beginner’s luck for me to have two of our great writers produce these books for publication this year.”