St. Marks Bookshop Raises $23,000 for Major Changes

By Jason Boog Comment

St. Marks Bookshop has raised $23,000 in a Lucky Ant campaign for a community investment to make major changes–including moving to a new location and building a stronger web strategy.

The owners outline the campaign in the video embedded above–you still have three days to join the campaign. As a reward for investing, readers can get gift certificates, in store discounts and invitations to the reopening party.

Check it out: “In order to survive these difficult times, St. Marks is repositioning itself in the marketplace and implementing a new strategy for the future. These changes, such as moving to a more affordable location and developing a more sophisticated online presence, are a direct response to the changing business environment and will help the bookstore to once again become financially viable. Major changes are not cheap however, and St. Marks needs capital to finance these improvements. Through community investments, St. Marks hopes to raise the capital needed to once again make itself a viable business.”