So who’s guesting Galleycat anyway?

By Carmen Comment

The problem with doing one of these introductory-type posts is that I’m never sure if I should use first person or third. The former, and sound all egotistical and self-important, or the latter, and sound distant, pompous and self-important?

Well, what the hell. I lose out either way, so I might as well stick to what I know best.

Some of you might know me from from my main address, where I’ve been waxing eloquent (and otherwise) about crime fiction, the literary world and whatever else strikes my fancy for almost 2 years now. Some others might know me from what I write for newspapers, online magazines, anthologies, message boards, newsgroups and blog comments. A very select few might even know me in a non-writing context, but that’s becoming rarer and rarer these days as I slowly come to grips with the fact that I have absolutely no hobbies whatsoever.

This week at GC, I’ll cater to you: the editorial assistants who got into the business because they loved books only to discover that it takes 10 years to make any sort of liveable wage. The overworked publicists who’d love to be able to read all their assigned authors but just don’t have the time — even if everyone gets “national review attention.” The agents who spend all day trying to make bigger deals, ward off ever-growing slush piles and hope that their next commission actually comes through on time. And the writers, published or otherwise, who are trying to make sense of this crazy business that we all love more than anything else.

Lofty goals? Not so much, but entertainment’s what we want, anyway. Today’s posts appear below, and there’ll be much more throughout the week.