Skillshare Tips for Writers

By Jason Boog Comment

On the new website Skillshare, teachers around the country are earning money through homemade classes that teach people everything from bartending to essay writing to knitting (video embedded above).

A few writers have started to test the space, here are a few sample classes: Self-Publish Your Book on Amazon & Kindle and How to Write Strong, Purposeful Personal Statements and Creative Writing: Introduction to Fiction. There is still plenty of room for more writers and publishing professionals to test the space.

Follow this link if you want to offer a course Skillshare and click here to explore the classes as a student. Below, we’ve listed three tips from Skillshare for building an effective class.

Three Teaching Tips from Skillshare

1. “Fostering learning is the goal: Always remember that the reason you’re standing in front of all your students is to enrich their lives by sharing your skills.”

2. “Make it interesting and unique: Keep your class titles and content compelling. If you’re taking on a tried-and-true subject, find a new and unique angle through which you can explore.”

3. “Be organized, use a lesson plan: Your students will learn best when you have a well thought-out approach to teaching your class. Don’t wing it. If you need any help in assembling a lesson plan, check out the teacher resource guide.”