Simon Miller, Nathaniel Popkin, & Charles Steed: Coming Attractions

By Maryann Yin Comment

saigonHere are some handpicked titles from our Coming Attractions page. Want to include your book? Just read our Share Your New Book with GalleyCat Readers post for all the details.

Saigon Survival by Simon Miller: “This condensed volume combines the essentials of both a guidebook and travelogue in one indispensable package. Save thousands of dollars, avoid countless scams and never have to wonder what that bucket of water in the bathroom is for. Take it from an experienced traveller who spent over a year in Saigon and learned so much about life there he had no choice but to put pen to paper to bring you this book.” (September 2013)

Lion and Leopard by Nathaniel Popkin: “Fiction. Art History. In Nathaniel Popkin’s novel Lion and Leopard, the tragic demise of John Lewis Krimmel marks a flashpoint point between the young artist’s European-influenced Romanticism and the Philadelphia art establishment long dominated by the formidable portraitist Charles Willson Peale.” (November 2013)

Dark Persuasion Techniques by Charles Steed: “You’ve got the strong feeling something just isn’t right. And you’ve had it for a while. You work hard, pay more than your fair share in taxes, you’re a law abiding citizen, a peaceful, productive member of society, and still, something’s missing. But it’s not your fault, not completely anyway. Despite your best efforts, you never seem to get ahead. And what makes it worse is, people with far less talent are often doing very well. Sound familiar? ” (January 2014)