Should Authors Dance?

By Maryann Yin Comment

dwtsnoauthors.JPGLast night, David Hasselhoff became the first to be booted off the Season 11 cast of Dancing with the Stars. Entertainment Weekly‘s Breia Brissey made an interesting observation: in eleven seasons there has never been an author featured on a cast for the reality series. In this case, the term ‘author’ bars celebrities who have secured book deals due to their famous status.

Entertainment Weekly reports: “Even if you don’t watch the show, it’s hard to avoid the casting news each season. And if I’ve learned anything at all by watching week after week, it’s that the producers use the term ‘stars’ loosely. I get it. Dancing with the People You’ve Probably Heard About in the News, Regardless of Star Quality was never really a viable name choice. So I won’t hold that against the ABC powers that be. But I’m not sure I’m comfortable living in a world where Bristol Palin is considered a ‘star’ and a best-selling author is not. And that has nothing to do with politics.”

Stephen King performed a guest acting appearance on the TV series, Sons of Anarchy this week. At one point, King took part in the Rock Bottom Remainders, a group of volunteer writers and authors who rock out in a music ensemble for charity. With all of these exhibitions of creative talents, why shouldn’t authors be considered stars for dancing?

Readers, who would you want to see twinkling their toes on Dancing with the Stars? This GalleyCat Correspondent suggests satire novelist Christopher Moore because his funny personality would make for some entertaining choreography. Share your answers in the comments section.