Seth Godin to Invite 11 People to Free 5-Day Program

By Jason Boog Comment

head-clickme2.gifAuthor Seth Godin is now accepting applications for a free intensive five-day” program in New York City–a “leveraged-nano-MBA” where a select group can study and work alongside Godin.

If you are interested in participating, you can fill out the application here. The application deadline is March 31. We are very interested to see how this promotional experiment turns out–the lecture tour crossed with a business school workshop.

Here’s more from the post: “That’s what this leveraged program is about. Find extraordinary people working in important organizations and give them insight and confidence to bring more leverage to their work, to allow them to use their jobs as a platform for making a difference. A difference at work, a difference to your co-workers and a difference to everyone who is touched by you.”

UPDATE: Godin added this commentary: “Thanks for the link, but I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong conclusion. This isn’t promotional at all (5 days in my office with 11 people isn’t going to sell many books). This is something I’m doing because it’s my passion, not because I’m itching to sell a few books.”