Scene @ Lauren Mechling’s Dream Girl Party

By Neal Comment


Lauren Mechling greets guests at a reception for her new YA novel, Dream Girl, while publisher Beverly Horowitz looks on. When we got a chance to chat, I mentioned that I’d just read Mechling’s WSJ article about book trailers popping up all over, and she was kind enough to say that she’d found many of the videos she chose to write about by reading GalleyCat

I also ran into Ben Greenman, who joked that his literary career is continuing its tour through America’s independent publishers as he has new projects coming from Akashic Books in the fall and then Melville House in the spring. I almost hesitate to say “books,” because although he’s still telling stories, some of them won’t be delivered overbound pages. Yet another project he told me about entailed writing three short narratives to be printed on a man’s, woman’s, and child’s passport cover…