Scene @ How Sassy Changed My Life Party

By Neal Comment


Marisa Meltzer and Kara Jesella (top) welcomed partygoers in out of the rain at last night’s reception celebrating the release of How Sassy Changed My Life, a history of the influential ’90s teen magazine and its impact on a generation of American girls, including Doree and Emily from Gawker. On my way out, I recognized Tali and Ophi Edut, the AstroTwins, whom I’d met a few weeks ago at Brenda Janowitz‘s book party (they were Janowitz’s web designers). It turned out the sisters were both interns at Sassy when they were seventeen, and then Tali worked on one of the reader-produced issues.

I wasn’t the only blogger at the party, as it happens—Dylan Stableford of FishbowlNY brought along a videographer, and came out with the following footage.