SC Governor Mark Sanford Released from Book Contract

By Jason Boog Comment

dc6a81b0c8a07f7c849a8110.L._AA240_.jpgPenguin’s Sentinel imprint has released South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford from his book contract.

Recently, the governor admitted to an affair with an Argentinian woman. Sanford was scheduled to finish the book for Spring 2010 publication. In 2000, he published a book entitled, interestingly enough, “The Trust Committed To Me.”

Here’s a statement from Adrian Zackheim, President and Publisher of Sentinel: “Sentinel has agreed to release Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina from his contract to write a book about fiscal conservatism, which was to be called WITHIN OUR MEANS and was scheduled for publication in March 2010. This is a mutual decision. We wish Governor Sanford the best.”