Sarah Palin Gets Serious About Selling a Book

By Neal Comment

Immediately after last year’s presidential election, we started the Sarah Palin book deal pool, and though our initial prediction that the Republican vice-presidential candidate would have a contract by early December was way off, let it be noted that we did predict she’d turn to Bob Barnett to make it happen. (Not that we deserve a pat on the back; it’s sorta like predicting Oscar nominations for Meryl Streep.)

That’s one of the top reasons why we believed Radar was full of it when a blogger for the magazine claimed a $7 million deal was in the works—apart from the ridiculous sum, there was no mention of Barnett’s involvement.

Now, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Barnett is in, for reals, and while we don’t think Barack Obama and Bill Clinton‘s literary representative will be able to extract $7 million from a publishing company on behalf of Palin—nobody’s that slick—we expect the deal will be comfortable enough when it happens.