Saddest Books in the World

By Jason Boog Comment

Over at The Daily Beast, actress Amy Poehler listed her favorite sad films. We casually asked readers to pick the saddest books in the world, and responses have been filling up on Twitter.

Join the mid-January depressing and entertaining conversation–what is the saddest book you have ever read? Share your thoughts at the #saddestbooks hashtag (started by Emily Wolchko). This GalleyCat editor would like to add  Robert Newton Peck‘s A Day No Pigs Would Die to the list.

Here’s more from Poehler’s movie list: “The Final Scene of the British Office Christmas Special (2003) This was a television show and not a movie. But let’s be honest, most TV shows are better than movies. So this counts. Dawn dumps her fiancé and comes back to the office and kisses Tim. Gets me every time. And it will get you too. Unless you are made of wood and hate love.”

Catherine J Campbell: “She’s Come Undone, Stone Butch Blues, Portrait of a Lady, The English Patient.”

Emily Wolchko & Rachel Syme voted for the same book. Here’s more from Syme: “Flowers for Algernon almost stripped me of my will to live, so, I guess that.”

Fern Richardson added Little Bee.

Sally Law had this memory: “I read ahead in Where the Red Fern Grows in 7th-grade study hall — 45 minutes of sobbing in front of weirded-out classmates.”