How To Submit To Rumpus Original Fiction

By Jason Boog Comment

Online literary hub The Rumpus has launched a new Rumpus Original Fiction program, featuring stories in The Weekly Rumpus app.

Use The Rumpus Submissions Manager if you want to submit your work to the new program. Author Andrew F. Altschul (the founding books editor at The Rumpus) will return to serve as fiction editor at the site. Here’s more from the submission guidelines:

We are interested in sharp, fresh, original work that grapples with life as it is really lived and felt in the world today. We want writing that walks on a wire, questions conventions, conveys a vision. I think it was William Gass who said he would no more want his books to be loved by everybody than he’d want his daughter to be loved by everybody. Take this to heart. Show us something new, even if the subject matter is old. We have nothing against subtle domestic dramas or heartland contemplations, as long as the people in them seem like real people, not characters in subtle contemplation of their literary navels. In other words, please don’t send anything boring.