Robert Pattinson & Cosmopolis Win MTV Movie Brawl

By Maryann Yin Comment

Over at MTV News, sixteen upcoming movies were pitted against one another to determine the winner of the “MTV Movie Brawl 2012.” In the final round, almost four million votes were cast and Cosmopolis (a Don DeLillo adaptation starring Twilight actor Robert Pattinson) emerged victorious over The Hunger Games (starring Oscar-nominated actress Jennifer Lawrence).

In an interview with MTV, director David Cronenberg explained how he first learned about the brawl: “Cosmopolis, while I think in terms of what it is as cinema is pretty hefty, but in terms of budget and promotion, it’s an underdog compared to something like the Dark Knight franchise. I really didn’t think we would have much of a chance. That really got my attention.”

In the video embedded above, MTV caught up with Cosmopolis actor Paul Giamatti to get his reaction on the movie’s win. Several of the Movie Brawl film are literary adaptations including John CarterThe AvengersSnow White & the HuntsmanThe Hobbitand The Dark Knight Rises.

MTV created a chart to record each round of the competition.

Pattinson actually has lead roles in three of the films: CosmopolisBel Ami and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. Do you think the brawl excluded any noteworthy contenders?

On The Hunger Games Facebook page, an announcement was made about the final round of this brawl with plea for the fans votes. But, alas it was not meant to be.

Recently, fans have been treated two new Hunger Games set photos (one on Entertainment Weekly) and a new movie poster. Actor Josh Hutcherson taped a special “thank you” message for all the devotion showed by the fans.