Risktaker & Staying at Joe’s: Coming Attractions

By Maryann Yin Comment

Here are some handpicked titles from our Coming Attractions page. Want to include your book? Just read our Share Your New Book with GalleyCat Readers post for all the details.

The White Passage by Kassandra Alvarado: “For Kate Allen, an accident renders a simple familial duty into an adventure of a lifetime. The fate of Franklin no man may know, but what about a woman?” (May 2013)

Risktaker by Kea Alwang: “Armed with an unlikely ally and a new philosophy on coping with bully drama, Chloe (aka Star) navigates life on Earth one day at a time, (not so) patiently waiting for her alternate life to kick in on any given night. But when life on Jacondor grows dicey thanks to aggressive mentors, a troubled newbie, and worsening nightmares, Star, CK, and Leada can’t leave fast enough for an assignment to planet Criterion, their utopia from years ago.” (June 2013)

Staying at Joe’s by Kathy Altman: “Allison Kincaid can make a great sales pitch. But showing up at Joe Gallahan’s motel asking for a favor is her toughest challenge yet. A year ago they were more than just colleagues at a big PR firm. When work came between them, Joe put the blame on Allison…and his opinion hasn’t changed. ” (August 2013)