Ricky Martin Inks Picture Book Deal

By Maryann Yin Comment

Grammy Award-winning singer Ricky Martin landed a deal for his debut picture book with Penguin Group (USA)’s Celebra imprint. The publisher will release English and Spanish editions of Santiago the Dreamer in ‘Land Among the Stars‘ on November 14, 2013.

Artist Patricia Castelao will create the illustrations. Earlier today, Martin shared a quote from the book on Twitter. An announcement was posted on his official Facebook page and it has already drawn more than 1,900 “likes.” Martin had this statement in the release:

I hope this book inspires young readers to believe that dreams woven from their imaginations can become reality. My greatest wish is that Santiago The Dreamer will occupy a special place in the hearts of children and their parents, with everyone enjoying this uplifting story that shows the fulfillment of dreams begins with self-confidence.