Reddit Launches Book Exchange

By Jason Boog Comment

Starting this month, Reddit users can swap print books with other readers.  Follow this link to sign up for the new gift program.

The sign-up deadline is March 17th and the book swap begins on March 31st. The site listed a few rules, but you can swap new or used books with other readers. The popular site intends to expand these swaps into a larger gift exchange platform.

Here’s more about the program: “For this r/books exchange, we ask that you tell us your favorite kind of books. This has a few benefits, first off it helps your match (the person sending the gift to you) figure out the best possible gift for you. Second, in the long run it will help us match you with the best possible person to send you a gift, and vice-versa. Basically, we are evolving redditgifts to be a gift exchange platform where we try to maximize happiness and minimize the shaft. We think our gift exchanges are so much fun that people would enjoy doing them year round. Imagine getting a gift from a stranger every month!”