Real Life Galley Cats in Our Pet Parade

By Jason Boog Comment

GalleyCat readers around the globe have joined our annual Pet Parade, sending photos of their literary pets.

Author Kristen Britain sent that photograph: “This is Watson, my 17 week old Siberian Cat kitten. Perhaps he’ll become a word cat through osmosis? His godmother is my Hugo-Award winning editor at DAW Books, Betsy Wollheim. (I am the author of the Green Rider series for DAW.) Watson has been a joy, and even Gryphon the Irish Terrier sorta likes him.”

More photos follow below–we will collect all the entries at this link.

Reader La Carmina sent this picture: “Here are some photos of my Scottish Fold cat, Basil Farrow. His round head is perfect for wearing Christmas hats and reindeer antlers. 🙂

Candlewick Press sales representative Debra Woodward sent us a picture of Pearl.

The Insider’s Guide to Publishing Success author Margot Atwell sent this photo of Schlitz, the office dog at Beaufort Books.

Jessica Bax writes: “This is Cloud; he’s wearing a sweater that says “Santa’s Favorite Kitty”; he really hates this sweater, hence the grumpy look on his face.
He’s a Christmas kitty; he was born on Christmas fifteen years ago.
His hobbies include sitting on my Chicago Manual of Style as I copyedit; sprawling across my lap, across whatever book I’m reading; and licking people’s noses when they’re trying to sleep.”

YA author Paula Yoo sent a photo of her three cats: “Oreo is the oldest and the biggest (at 17.5 pounds). He has his own Twitter page. He’s very cuddly. Beethoven (the one with the three black dots on his nose) is the mischief maker who loves water and will even jump into the toilet to try and swim in it. Charlotte (all white with black tail and black mark on head) is very much a princess and diva who will surprise you occasionally by sleeping in your lap. She also is the bully who pushes both boys away to finish eating their food.”

Reader Melanie Benjamin writes: “Here’s a photo of my cats Oreo and Keebler. Every year, they snuggle up to the Christmas Frog (which used to ribbit “Jingle Bells,” but that ability is long since gone) in the living room; they love that frog, for reasons unknown to mere humans.”

Paul Swallow sent this picture: “This is my dog putting on a brave face. She is the reason I have to come to work at CEP Towers and put food on the table by publishing some cracking books. Her name is film based though – Miss Bonnie Barko.”

Reader Elaine Charton writes: “The Picture is of our two cats in one of thier favorite spots. The orange and white one is named Yerbie, he likes to sit on the armof the sofa and watch everything. The other cat is Pandora and she is sleeping on her favorite afghan, which is also my favorite. This makes for some interesting moments.”