Ravenous Dips Toes in Print, Cable TV

By Neal Comment

ravenous-hsn-deal.jpgToday, at 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. (Eastern/Pacific), the Home Shopping Network will welcome Holly Schmidt, the president and founder of the digital publishing house Ravenous Romance, who’ll be bringing the company’s first printed products with her: three sets of six books in the contemporary, historical, and paranormal genres plus a fourth sampler set containing two of each.

The “Escape With Romance Collection” will be the first time that Ravenous is selling printed books to consumers, and there’s another major content shift as well—although the company is best known for its erotic fiction (to the point that some observers complain there’s too much sex in the books for them to be classified as “romance”), editorial director Lori Perkins promises none of the books sold on HSN will include explicit sex scenes. “They are steamy and sexy,” she says in a press release, “but leave a bit more to the imagination in the bedroom.”

(And if you miss today’s sale pitches, Schmidt will also put in a late-night appearance on the network at 3 A.M. tomorrow morning.)