Publishing Perspectives and Global Readership

By Jason Boog Comment

ednaw23.jpgDuring all the eBook Summit excitement this week, GalleyCat neglected to share two long interviews with journalism pros.

Yesterday, on the Morning Media Menu we interviewed Ed Nawotka, the editor-in-chief of Publishing Perspectives–a news site dedicated to covering the global publishing industry.

We discussed many of the themes raised at the eBook Summit: What do eBooks mean for writers around the world? How will global rights be handled for digital books? Will socially networked writing sites–popular around the world–catch on in the United States? Click here to listen.

kiml23.gifOn Tuesday, our guest was Kim Lawton, the managing editor/correspondent at PBS’s Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly–talking about her 20-year reporting career. Click here listen to the show.

She discussed everything from Christmas carols to atheism, looking at all the major religion headlines that shape our world. She also gave advice for future religion writers–valuable intelligence for any writer.