Publishing for Vision & Hearing Hosts Charity Auction

By Maryann Yin Comment

Literary agent Irene Goodman founded a nonprofit called Publishing for Vision & Hearing (PubVH) in honor of her son, Rob, who suffers from Usher Syndrome.

Currently, PubVH is hosting a charity auction.

Those who are interested can place their bids until the end of December. Some of the items up for grabs include a picture book critique by veteran editor Nancy Paulsen (who now presides over her own imprint at Penguin Young Readers Group) and a partial critique by Movable Type Management co-founder/president Jason Ashlock.

Here’s more about the organization: “Every month, we auction the editorial services of editors, agents, and bestselling authors to give personal critiques to aspiring writers. All net proceeds go directly to the Foundation Fighting Blindness, the Hearing Health Foundation, and other research organizations or clinics that further our cause. Through these auctions, the united talent and expertise of the publishing community will dramatically transform lives.”