Preg-NOT Teen Shopping a Book Deal

By Jeff Rivera Comment

To say Gaby Rodriguez‘s life has changed in the last few weeks is a gross understatement. After Rodriguez created a live social experiment for her senior class project, posing as a pregnant teen at her high school, she had no idea it would create a national stir.

Friends, students and even relatives were led to believe that she was pregnant for 6 1/2 months in order gauge their reactions and prejudice toward teen moms.
The experiment was successful and the reaction, after Rodriguez’s big reveal, was overwhelming.

First, over 100 news outlets around the world begged her for interviews and then she took her first airplane flight ever to appear with Matt Lauer in a heart-to-heart for the Today Show followed by an appearance on Telemundo.

“I have to say we’re overwhelmed with interest about Gaby,” said Rodriguez’s literary manager, Sharlene Martin. “But her story is so powerful, I’m not surprised. We’ve only done Telemundo and Today Show and we’re saving all the other requests for when her book is published.”

Rodriguez’s book proposal, with writer Jenna Glatzer,  goes out to editors tomorrow, Wednesday June 1st. And her team has just announced  that Lifetime is developing a script for a TV movie based on this experience.

Martin tells us “she’s really proud to represent a young woman who can serve as a role model to her peers about the pitfalls of teen pregnancies.”