Postertext Prints Entire Book’s Text on Single Poster

By Jason Boog Comment

The ingenious Postertext company has created a line of posters that reprint entire books on a giant satin-finish posters, carving a black and white image into the words.

In The Great Gatsby poster pictured above, you can see an image of Jay Gatsby brooding beside his lake inside the text. Other posters include The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Here’s more from the site: “With our book posters, you can literally hang your favorite book on the wall with the book’s text, arranged to depict a memorable scene from the book. Our posters are printed on luscious satin-finish paper and are available in common frame dimensions, giving you the freedom to immortalize your poster in a wide variety of styles should you choose to frame them (and we recommend that you do!).” (Via io9)

UPDATE: Shakespeare Geek writes: “To be fair, there’s been a company called that’s been doing this for quite some time. I have two of their posters on my office walls.”