Please, Fire Me!

By Jeff Rivera Comment

Adam Chromy, literary manager at Artists and Artisans, has created a new hilarious user-generated content literary property called More than just a way to post your gripes about your job for the enjoyment of others, this site was created as a promotional tool for his author client David Ellis Dickerson’s memoir House of Cards, Love, Faith and Other Social Expressions (Riverhead).

Here’s a sample: “Please fire me. My boss sends me emails, then immediately walks over to ask if I got them. Then we wait together in silence for Outlook to refresh.”

The Wall Street Journal calls Dickerson’s own story of career dissatisfaction at Hallmark, “wickedly funny.” has struck a chord with those killing time at jobs they cannot afford to leave as well as a number of publishers who are circling the project for possible acquisition. You can see Dickerson and others tell their stories live at Speakeasy Stories this Thursday, February 4th at the at the Belleville Lounge, located at 332 5th Street (at 5th Avenue) in Park Slope Brooklyn.