Perform Your Script: Script Frenzy Tip #16

By Jason Boog Comment

Congratulations to all the GalleyCat readers who took the Script Frenzy challenge in April. Script Frenzy program director Jennifer Arzt offered our final piece of advice: perform your script!

Here’s more from the post: “You can do this with friends or actors at something called a table read. At a table read, you make copies of your script for each reader, and assign roles for everyone, including a narrator who will voice all the action. You, dear author, don’t get a reading role. Nope. You will have your own script copy, and a pen. During the reading, your job is to take frantic notes. Listen for lines that fall flat, pacing that is off, or missed opportunities for humor. Set aside time for a huge writing day following the reading. After hearing your story out loud, many things will become clear; you don’t want to let much time pass between the reading and applying the lessons you learned from it.”

To help all the aspiring screenwriters, comic book writers, and playwrights participating in the Script Frenzy writing marathon, we will feature a new script writing tool or tip every day this month. Read all the advice at this link.