Paper Cuts

By Kathryn Comment

papercuts.gif-Random House pays Tina Brown $2 million to “[brush] off suggestions that the world [does] not need another book about Diana.” [Reuters]

-Kate and David Marshall sell Celebrating You: A Gift of Appreciation for Someone You Love, “another fill-in-the-blank book from the authors of several successful journals,” to Becky Cole at Doubleday. Am I the only one who can see the Emperor’s got no clothes/nouns/verbs? [PM]

-As for the blatant anti-humanitarianism of this next book, me likey: Former broadcaster and TV producer Caroline Righton sells The Life Audit, “a pragmatic approach to ‘auditing’ how we spend our time in order to shed time wasters (people and activities) and create time for doing the things we really love or aspire to,” to Ann Campbell at Broadway. [PM]

Update: The lackey-associate saddled with the job of sending PM news of Tina’s book deal describes the Diana bio as “the book the book [sic] Tina was destined to create” — voicing what will be come to be known as the worst conspiracy theory ever for Diana’s death.