Pablo Defendini Leaves for Open Road Integrated Media


By Jason Boog Comment producer Pablo Defendini has left Macmillan, moving to work as an interactive producer at Open Road Integrated Media. Earlier this month, publicist Lisa Weinert announced she was leaving Vintage & Anchor Books to work with Open Road as well.

Defendini explained his own move: “Open Road exemplifies some of the key attributes that I think are going to be crucial for publishers to not simply weather the years to come, but to thrive in this brave new digital world: a small, lean, nimble operation with an iconoclastic and focused leadership, a willingness to branch out beyond traditional print publishing disciplines and meld them with other media, and the fearlessness necessary to embrace new technology and techniques in order to spread the word about the authors that they’re passionate about.”

Open Road recently relaunched their website, revealing new content for authors from Kensington Publishing. Last year we interviewed Defendini about his work at and his thoughts about the future of digital publishing. Click here to listen.