Oxford English Dictionary Adds Auto-Complete, Brain Candy & Gender Reassignment

By Jason Boog Comment

The Oxford English Dictionary has revealed 1,840 newly revised and updated words in its online edition.

In all, the famous dictionary has added 98,000 revised and new entries since building an online editionĀ  in March 2000. The update added entries for everything from crystal methamphetamine to network neutrality.

Here are a few of our favorites from the list: “auto-complete n. A software feature that uses text already entered in a given field to predict or generate the characters the user is likely to enter next; familiar to anyone who has used predictive text or search boxes on websites. [First recorded in 1992]”

babe: “n. Used as a familiar or affectionate form of address for a person of either sex [1918], or to describe an attractive man [1973].”

brain candy: “n. Broadly appealing, undemanding entertainment which is not intellectually stimulating. OED already has eye-candy and ear candy. [1968]”

cryonaut: n. “A person who is cryogenically preserved with a view to being revived in the distant future. [1968]”

gender reassignment: “n. The process of a person adopting the physical characteristics of the opposite sex by means of medical procedures such as surgery or hormone treatment. [1969]”

urb: “n. An urban area, a city. Frequently contrasted with suburb. [1952]”

use it or lose it: “at use v. Used as an admonition; dates back, perhaps surprisingly, as far as 1887.”