Operation Ruby Slipper & Pulse of Mixed Media: Coming Attractions

By Maryann Yin Comment

Here are some handpicked titles from our New Books section. Want to include your book? Just read our Facebook Your New or Upcoming Book post. Don’t forget to include your title’s exact release date and a link.

Operation Ruby Slipper by John Meyer: “Judy Garland is dropped behind enemy lines in 1943 in this espionage thriller; she’s to bring back a photo of a dangerous Nazi physicist with the camera concealed in the heel of her shoe. Why Judy? Because this man, Franz Kintner, has supplied the OSS with the only lead they have: a request for a picture of Judy, mailed in 1940. They know he’ll surface if twenty-one year old Judy is the bait.” (March 2012)

The Pulse of Mixed Media by Seth Apter: “Imagine that you have been invited to have an intimate discussion with all of your favorite artists: a one-on-one show and tell. You can ask them anything, no holds barred, and hear first-hand the personal stories behind their artwork. This is what you will find on the pages of this book.” (March 2012)

Balls of Leather and Steel by Guy Butler: “As World War II rages across Europe, the paths of two remarkable men cross in one of the most daring rescue missions of the war. As a result of their adventure, bonds of friendship are forged that will last a lifetime.” (January 2012)