One More Reason Publishers Don’t Like Bad Writing

By Kathryn Comment

In case you didn’t catch GC’s update below, Gawker’s tracked down the fired blogger.

From the July 8 post on bluegirl24ny‘s blog:

I was fired from my job on Tuesday morning. Yes, fired – just like that. Within 20 minutes I was confronted by my boss, sent to HR, packed up my desk and was on an 11 AM train back home for the last time. Apparently, my former employer has a zero tolerance for voicing discontent with the company. Unfortunately, while I was writing my blogs and expressing my many times extreme unhappiness in my job – my computer was being monitored (for what reason or how long I was never told) and my blogs came to their attention. Yeah, all of the”I hate my job and co workers” blogs… Needless to say, when I made the mistake last week of actually naming the company I worked for – that was grounds for termination. It got back to my boss and that was pretty much it.

… I wanted to leave anyway – but never in a million years would I ever think it would be in that manner. Everyone I talk to about it says it was a witch hunt – that I couldn’t be managed out on performance because we never had reviews – and this, although a low blow, was a viable reason and the only legal way to get rid of me.

Whether or not that’s true, the blog contains, sans irony, sentences like these: “Grandma always loved a good party, and Lord knows she loved her gin,” and “The stretch and snug fit of the fabric seemed to embrace my body in a whispery sigh of contentment.” In short, the blog doesn’t establish bluegirl24ny as someone we should ever leave alone with other people’s writing.

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