On the good ship Book Fair

By Carmen Comment

This idea might seem really cool to some, or really strange, depending on your vantage point. But in any case, the Logos II ship has opened for business with a sizeable book exchange:

After days of controversy, the Logos II floating book fair officially dropped its gangplank and opened doors to the public yesterday in a colourful ceremony involving crew representing 45 different nations.

Premier Alex Scott, MP Walter Lister, Police Commissioner George Jackson, Hamilton Mayor Lawson Mapp, executive vice president of the Chamber of Commerce Diane Gordon and other dignitaries attended the opening at Number Six Shed which was followed by a tour of the ship and the book fair.

Why controversial? Because some booksellers feared the ship would cut into their holiday business:

Backed by the Chamber of Commerce, local bookstores called for a ban on the sale of books from the Logos II until after the holidays as books sold on board are a fraction of their retail value and pose a threat to local Christmas sales. The Chamber also protested the fact that none of Logos II crew have work permits.

Acting Chief Immigration Officer Rozy Azhar on Wednesday said permission was requested by Cornerstone Bible Fellowship, who are acting as the sponsor for the Logos II, for crew to sell books and permission was granted.

And so, get on board and buy your books!