Best Writers Covering Occupy Wall Street

By Jason Boog Comment

As the Occupy Wall Street activists celebrate one month in Zuccotti Park, we’ve created a reading list to help you follow the story as it unfolds in New York City.

On the Morning Media Menu today, we interviewed journalist and literary blogger Edward Champion about his coverage Occupy Wall Street protests. Champion talked about the narrowly averted park cleaning and shared this Twitter reading list of writers producing “incredible reporting” about the protests:

Lucy Kafanov Russia Today
Andrew Krucoff Fellow Traveler
Adam Gabbat, The Guardian
Ryan Deveraux Democracy Now
Anjali Mullany, The New York Daily News
Bucky Turco Animal New York

Champion explained in the interview: “Because of the increased media presence and recent infiltrations by people who were trying to play [the activists], you are not going to get people to talk to you unless you are an established journalist. I said before that they would, but that has changed. That’s not to say they weren’t kind and friendly, because they were very kind and friendly to me. But what I mean to say that if you show up there with a microphone right now, that’s probably not the best journalistic strategy … the thing to do now is just sit there and observe.”